Children form the basis of our primary target. The Foundation identifies the importance of early exposure to education for children and access to other important socio-economic services as The Foundation believes that a child that grows without education would remain a liability in the society. Equally in this regard The Foundation will initiate programs centered on working with young girls in a bid to start early to implementing the changes that needs to be made for the female gender in today’s society. This captures our ‘Catch them Young’ ideology and will in the long run, translate to produce young girls who will become credible and action-oriented leaders that can affect our society positively. Furthermore, The Foundation advocates the best way for the societies to grow is to educate more girl children, as they are the future mothers and bedrock of every community.


As an organization set to advocate for Gender Equality, women are our primary target and the focus of our project implementation. This is in a bid to establish a firm and safe environment for women to show their leadership capacity and contribute to the general good of the society. We intend to work with women mostly in the rural communities by engaging them in: Focus Group Discussions, Sensitization, Mentorship and Training in the areas of creating credible livelihoods and improving their source of income – most especially women farmers whose activities are impacted by Climate Change – fostering good governance, Women’s right and economic empowerment.


Youth are one of The Foundation’s core target groups, most especially as many programs, specifically the ones premised on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Skill Acquisition, Democracy and Good Governance, Leadership and Economic Empowerment will involve Youths as the key beneficiaries. The Foundation will design and implement programs that will project the Organization as a humanitarian advocate and leader for improved Youth engagement, empowerment and development in Africa.

TAD Foundation

Tosin Abimbola Dokpesi Foundation (TAD FOUNDATION) is an NGO with keen interest in global issues of development, especially Africa-related issues – with special focus on women, children and youth]

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