Education has been proven to be a weapon for the development of attitudes and values which are capable of building a nation. Almost 60 million primary school-aged children aren’t in school, according to the United Nations. Basic education for the children is the backbone of the community therefore it is viewed as a human right since education contributes to the reduction of both absolute and relative poverty. Basic education, in particular, helps to alleviate poverty by helping poor people improve their lives. Children with basic skills and knowledge can read and handle numbers, which gives them access to information and thinking processes that give them more choices about how to behave in their families and then in the community.

TAD FOUNDATION institute programs and activities in underserved communities; enlightening parents and village elders on the importance of education, especially for girl children and granting them scholarship to enroll in primary and secondary schools.


The obvious ongoing global digital revolution is heating sectors. Digital skills and knowledge are an ongoing challenge as digital technology is now a catalyst to the development of all sectors. For instance, in agricultural-based economy, farmers increasingly need Agritech to monitor their produce, using technology to treat their crops, selling and comparing prices from online advertisements. We are experiencing a thunderous change in the nature of work and skills. This is changing the nature of work. Firms are adopting new ways of production; markets are expanding and new societies are evolving. This is why and how *TAD FOUNDATION* is intervening to make Africa and her people ready beneficiaries of the ongoing environmental revolution defined by technology, skills, and environment.

Training Opportunity/Facilitation

Training courses includes but not limited to these

Programming, Web and App Development
Business skills
Leadership skills
Global Warming and Climate Change Training
Business Analysis
Communication Skills
Digital Design and Data Visualization
Project Management
Green Economy
Gender Equality and Human Rights
Digital Marketing
Life Skills Training
Online media
Coding and apps design

    TAD Foundation

    Tosin Abimbola Dokpesi Foundation (TAD FOUNDATION) is an NGO with keen interest in global issues of development, especially Africa-related issues – with special focus on women, children and youth]

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